Sage Wizard/Keeper of Librus



Tarazad was born in the small village of Garet, on the western coast of Porolan, the fourth son of a fisherman. He was poor growing up, and was an outsider. Even at a young age, Tarazad knew that he was different; while the other children in the village would play at swords and stuff, Tarazad would have his nose in one book or another.

The early years

Tarazad’s magical talent manifested itself earlier than it does with most wizards. At age 9, he was able to move things from one place to another, using minor telekenesis effects. Having seen this, his father sent him to apprentice with one of the keepers of the Great Library at Librus. Even there, among children with the same magical talents as him, Tarazad was something of an outsider. He would constantly wander off for days at a time, only to be found in the most obscure of places.

He discovered that he had a talent for transportation, and quickly learned spells that would move himself and objects from one place to another.

The Portals

One day, while experimenting with the spell Dimension Door, an accident landed him in a sealed room deep under the dungeons. Inside the room he discovered a wondrous device, the Portal of Librus. He spent the remainder of his apprenticeship travelling to the chamber in secret until he became a professor at the Great Library, until he finally figured out how to open it.


Tarazad has ascended through the ranks of Keepers of Librus to the position of Vice-Headmaster. At the moment, although he has been able to open the portal, he doesn’t have the wherewithal to venture through it. And so he has hired the PCs to explore and to map new places, and new portals.


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